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Chai Masala

Chai Masala

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Introducing our classic Chai Masala, a curated blend of only the finest spices. Elevate your chai experience with our signature blend, giving you a flavor experience like no other. A versatile addition to your spice cabinet; our freshly blended, ready-to-use chai masala is made for the chai-drinker who values tradition and premium ingredients. Incorporate this into your daily routine to provide stress relief, increased energy levels, and overall wellness.

Amount: 1 oz. / 28.35 g

Sprinkle it on top of your Tora Chai latte for an enhanced flavor.

Use our Chai Masala to create an indulgent cup of authentic Indian Chai, which you can find on our recipes page.

Want to try something other than Chai? Use our beloved spice blend in an array of recipes, such as in oatmeal, on top of vanilla ice cream, in cocktails, and more.

Cardamon, Ground Ginger, Cloves, Pepper,
Cinnamon, Star Anise, Nutmeg.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size ¼ tsp. Calories 0.

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How it Works

Feeling Creative?

Here are a few ways you can enjoy our Chai Masala:


Ice Cream