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Our Story

Where it all started

Toral - Dubbed the Queen of Chai by Tora Chai drinkers

Growing up in an Indian household, chai has always been an integral part of my culture and heritage. It is a ritual and lifestyle that I’ve followed since childhood.

The journey of creating Tora Chai started during Covid-19 when my sons came back home to live with us. As someone who is passionate about enjoying a cup of chai first thing in the morning, I quickly found my boys looking forward to their cup of chai, as well!

Traditional chai-making is a lengthy, complex process. My story began with the question: how can my sons make a flavorful, healthy, and convenient cup of chai on their own once they return to their busy lives? And, thus Tora Chai was born….

Tora Chai is the outcome of the encouragement and inspiration from my husband and my sons who persuaded me to share this passion and instill the love for an exceptional cup of chai within others.

Every cup of Tora Chai is infused with my passion, heritage, and love for a healthy lifestyle!


Tora Chai is bringing a beloved daily ritual to the masses with a delicious, functional, and convenient tea concentrate.

We're committed to an authentic taste without all the added complications.

On the Hunt for Natural Health Benefits?

Look no further than Tora Chai to support your healthy lifestyle.