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Premium quality chai concentrate to boost immunity and deliver authentic flavor through a convenient, gourmet experience.

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  • I’ve never been a coffee or tea drinker all my life, but after drinking Tora Chai's tea, it has changed my viewpoint on such a drink.
    Patrick DeMareo
  • I have always been a tea over coffee person but it was always black tea. Now that I have tried chai tea, I don't think I will be drinking much black tea anymore.
    Dylan Wakley
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my Tora Chai Tea, the taste was fantastic, I couldn’t believe I made it at home.  The package included a bottle of pre-mixed tea and a separate packet with the spices. I...
    Kim B.
  • Amazing taste- so delicious!! I’m not a tea drinker but this has changed my mind!
    Jill Castoro
  • My favorite combination is the chai concentrate with oat milk topped with the chai masala. The perfect morning drink!I really liked it! I would probably have it a few times a week, maybe not every...
    Rachael Elimelech
  • I think the flavor was perfect. It tasted like a dessert. I would definitely drink this in the evening in lieu of a dessert.
    Janet McCrea
  • Pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it. I normally stick to sweet coffees with not very strong flavors but I loved this.
    Alyssa Barker
  • Really balanced drink! Not too sweet, great cardamom and ginger flavor.
    Gabrielle Corrigan
  • I am not an avid chai drinker, but the product was very smooth and blissful.
    Samantha Marsh
  • I really liked it! I would probably have it a few times a week, maybe not every day, but it is a nice change to my normal coffee.
    Dave Fisher
  • This is the first chai concentrate that I’ve ever tried and I really enjoyed the blend of cinnamon and other spice flavors. It’s also really interesting how the taste slightly changes depending on what the...
    Stacy Lee
  • I just it tried in my local supermarket and I really liked it 🫶🏼
    Carolina Fuentes
  • I often buy chai drinks at coffee shops. This not only tasted good but was a great way to save money!
    Shion Asahara

We are Tora Chai!

We craft outstanding, authentic-tasting chai that supports your well-being, and takes you less than a minute to make.

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Our main goal is to elevate the chai experience. Tora Chai is more than just a chai brand, it's a commitment to authentic taste.