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Chai Concentrate

Chai Concentrate

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Introducing our classic Chai Concentrate, delicately crafted to perfection using only the finest spices. Elevate your chai experience with our aromatic blend that reflects the true flavors of authentic Indian chai. Incorporate this into your daily routine to provide stress relief, increased energy levels, and overall wellness. Indulge in a sensational beverage with the perfect fusion of flavors, creating a harmonious blend that'll leave you craving more.

Our ready to use concentrate can be mixed with your choice of hot or cold dairy or plant-based milk for the perfect chai latte.

Amount: 16 fl oz. / 473 ml 

Using our 1:3 ratio, simply mix 1 part of the
concentrate in 3 parts of milk of your choice. Enjoy your chai latte hot, cold
or steamed.

Brewed Tea, Ginger Juice, Raw Cane Sugar,
Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cardamon, Fennel, Cloves, Citric Acid, Organic Vanilla
Extract (Organic Glycerin, Water, Organic Bean Extractives).

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 2 oz. Calories 35. Total Sugars 8g. Total Carbs 8g.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dan Bencsik
Delicious and

I recently tried the Tora Chai concentrate and I was blown away by the taste and quality. It was easy to prepare, just add hot water or milk, and enjoy a cup of authentic chai. The flavor profile was wonderful, with a perfect balance of sweetness, spice, and creaminess. You could tell that care was taken in choosing the individual spices to blend together, such as cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. The aroma was also very inviting and soothing. I felt relaxed and energized after drinking it.

I highly recommend Tora Chai to anyone who loves chai or wants to try something new and different. It is a great way to start your day, or to enjoy a cozy moment anytime. Tora Chai is not just a drink, it is an experience. 🍵

John Geating
Delicious and so easy

This was my first experience with chai concentrate, and I am blown away. The process to prepare it was so easy and the flavor was incredible. I drink it hot with oat milk and it is the best chai latte I’ve ever had. If you are looking for a daily chai or even a special treat to have in the house this is what you want. The spice mix goes so well on anything as well. I can’t wait to keep trying it on different things! Thanks Toral!

Wonderfully smooth

I tried this last week and I loved the low sugar content and smooth caffeine delivery of this chai concentrate. Would've liked more "kick" to the spices, but overall it made a very nice chai for my mornings.

Sue Dupre
Well-Balanced Flavor Profile

I've been busy googling 'chai concentrates' the last few days, because the chai concentrates I've been using at home are a little too sweet. Yesterday, while shopping at the Pennington Market, I discovered Tora Chai and took a leap of faith and bought a bottle. Very nice! I was nervous because ginger juice is the second listed ingredient, but it's not ginger heavy. I like the flavor profile - well-balanced, and it contains fennel (good choice!). And the sweetness level is perfect for me. Since the concentrate is used in a 1:3 ratio, the chai is creamier than many other chais. And Tora Chai is a local NJ company - what's not to love about this chai concentrate?!


Tora Chai Concentrate is a perfect addition to my office pantry. The aromatic spices used in the blend simply enhances and elevates the mid-day tea-break experience. Asian Spices have therapeutic value, and this brings it all in a easy to carry bottle.